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"This was by far the most amazing photo shoot I have ever done. Shannon was able to capture an inner beauty and strength in me that is sometimes so easy to overlook in yourself. Her talents astound me and I love her focus on the healing process from past pains or traumas. Many of us are at different phases in our healing process and it is a lifelong affair, but bringing focus to the strength it takes to keep moving forward and healing is an important step in that healing. Everyone has a story.”


“Thank you so much for capturing this rare moment of peace. You made me, a hugely pregnant woman, feel like a beautiful Queen. This was such an empowering session and I can't thank you enough for helping me document my miracle.”


“[Shannon] did a phenomenal job of skillfully, successfully and artistically aligning my divinity and my humanity and presenting this sacred moment in my soul’s timeline. She wove together intrinsic elements with extrinsic elements; body, mind, and spirit; love and light! By honoring the energies of love, light, peace, power, and presence with me, she graciously served my spirit.

Shannon, both personally and professionally, held my entire being with the utmost reverence and respect, and as a result, my love, light, and joy shine through the photographs. I am delighted by this visual documentation and celebration of the essence of Jeanne Brumbaugh.  This is the me I was created to BE."

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